Watercolor Rooster

Watercolor Rooster

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Inspiration. So many things inspire us day to day. Depending on what we do with our inspiration is unique to everyone. A little boy or girl with a very ill parent or sibling might be inspired to become a physician in later years. Another person might have been inspired to become an attorney and later a judge, after watching or reading To Kill A Mockingbird.
We can all be inspired in so many ways to do great things, small things, creative things or to just be extra caring to a loved one or even a stranger.
I find that when I'm inspired creatively it can be the oddest little item that pushes my mind in different directions. Or I can be inspired to create my own version of an item, having been inspired by the original. Not a copy per se, but my own version.  (1st photo, inspiration necklace)

Hence, my button necklace. I've posted the original "inspiration" piece. It isn't completely my style, because of the darker colors and dark chain, however I LOVE buttons, which is why I wanted to create my own button necklace after I saw it. 
I chose a longer chain, in a bright silver tone, wire in shiny silver and some in pale pink. The colors of the buttons are in pinks (my favorite color), mints, yellows, white and teal. One thing that makes this necklace different than my inspiration necklace, is that I included rose and heart charms, a few special beads and pieces I'd been saving for a special project. One of the special items is an acrylic heart bead I wore in the 80's with other hearts. Also, a small pink princess phone I made into a sort of bead with my drill and a thin bit. This little phone was found in a grab bag many years ago at a junk store and I've been saving it since! I think it is perfect on my button necklace.
 These two photos my version of a button necklace. Small phone on upper right of necklace.

I hope to make a bracelet soon, now that I've made a matching pair of earrings. I am looking forward to wearing this set at the big arts/crafts Christmas show coming up in November.

Being creative and obsessed WITH creating has it's up side and it's down side. The up? Heck, just making things and for me, selling them and knowing others like or love the items I have created/made/painted/sewed and put so much love into.
The down? Not having enough time in the world to make everything in my head or getting really close to making an idea a reality, only to not know the technical info. to finish it. (welding for example)

The last few years for me, have been like a creative freight train. I have been making item after item that is new and different and love them ALL. Only a few items I've made aren't moving on to be permanent sold items in my online store and that isn't because they aren't good or pretty or useful. A few items I have made aren't exactly like items that have been produced in massive quantities, but similar enough for me not to continue. Or there may be too many other vendors/crafters/artists making a similar item. While competition is fine and I have done well in the past, I'd rather my items be a tad more unique and special. I also avoid making items that someone else can make by purchasing a kit at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I won't sell an item that the parts were purchased to just "put together" and call it my own design.

I hope my button necklace inspires you in some way. Maybe to collect buttons or to make your own necklace, or to want to go to the beach because of the beachy colors of the buttons!

I also hope to see you soon at the Christmas Spectacular in Georgetown soon!

Have a creatively inspiring day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

COLOR!!! I LOVE color!!!

Yep, I have to say, COLOR is important to me. Not because I'm an artist and "sewist" and crafter, but just because I truly love color.
Color is powerful. It can encourage a calm, patient mood or actually cause anxiety for some. I would rather live somewhere in between.
Millions of dollars are spent each year trying to predict the new color trends for large paint companies like Sherwin Williams, Behr and Benjamin Moore, among others. Trying to guess what the new colors will be is quite the gamble, but with DIY an accepted term in households today and shows on cable's HGTV network telling us to be brave and take a chance on anything OTHER than beige, more homeowners and diy'ers are tickled "pink" and ready to paint the town Aqua instead of Red!
     I've lived in various houses as an adult and each one was a different style of home. Each was decorated in a complimentary way to the age and type of house it was and with beautiful colors. Not one house I've lived in was painted in builder grade/no color beige or blank white. Not that I am crazy with color...not at all. I just love color and for the colors I use in my home to make people feel welcome and most of all to make me and my daughter smile, no matter which room we are in.

What is your favorite color? Does it change from house to house or when you see the latest perfect pair of shoes? Do you see a gathering of paint chips and feel like running for you life? Here is hoping to adding a bit more color to your world, whether it is in the form of a new neon yellow pair of sandals, a red washer and dryer, a chartreuse (apple green) Kitchenaid mixer, a custom painted SUV in candy pink, or a few gallons of soft Robin's Egg Blue semi-gloss paint on the walls of your master bath. 
Cheers to all the beautiful colors of the rainbow, the colors that surround us and being just a bit more brave the next time we walk up to the paint counter, paint chip in hand.