Watercolor Rooster

Watercolor Rooster

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Car Show and Vendor Shop Hop 4/23/16

Spring is here!

A new show is coming up on the 23rd of April.
Fundraiser for Round Rock HS Band. They are hosting a car show along with an arts and crafts
show. It is the first time they have had this, so should be interesting!
Some new items I will have are hand sewn and my design.
A few photos below the show poster.  Show is 4/23 - 9-4. I am vendor number 1, first as you come inside.

Pin Cushions in a variety of holders, from tiny antique tea cups to milk glass pieces. They are pretty and handy to use. Hand made satin flowers, vintage/antique buttons, ribbons and beads are used to make them special. Great for the sewing artist in your family or for Mother's Day!

 Sets of 4 Quilted Heart Coasters. Double sided, all washable and so pretty! A heart is quilted inside the hearts! Many different fabrics, colors, to go with all kinds of decor. Perfect for home, office, wedding gifts and Mother's Day!

I will have other items as well. Salt and Pepper shaker Ribbon Tassels, Ruffle Butt Onesies, Upcycled Strapless Tops, Smocked strapless tops, Everything Bags, Satin Gardenias, and more!! 
Prices start at $4 and go on up. All affordable items!! 
Hand made, nothing pre-purchased to resell. Hope to see you there!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2016 will be a fantastic year for all you art lovers out there!!

I have been pretty busy, painting and making other items. I love painting and making custom items and hopefully, the clients like them and enjoy them for many years.

I did a few projects, that weren't typical for me. I decided to paint some things for Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, the TV show based in Waco, Tx.  My mom and I love the show and how country, rustic, and shabby her style is, which is somewhat similar to our own styles.

I decided to send her a hand painted denim jacket because she always seems to have a cute denim jacket on during the show reveals or while shopping around Waco. I wanted to paint her logo and some magnolia blossoms on the back.
I printed out a copy of the Magnolia Farms logo, that is made up of old sign letters. After drawing and painting the flowers onto the back of a cute jacket (from Old Navy), I added the letters. I think it ended up looking a LOT like the logo. Here is a before and after photo.

 I also sent her a watercolor of magnolias similar to the ones on the jacket, in soft pinks and greens. Not pink because it is my favorite color, but so they would show up on the paper. I don't often paint dark backgrounds. (color is more intense on computer than on painting)

The final painting I sent was of three chickens. Two hens and a rooster, in watercolor. I also covered the mat in old, slightly yellowed, dictionary pages. I roughed up and painted a heavy frame in off white and it came together quite nicely. I really like how the mat looked covered in old book pages. A great trick if you accidentally dent or damage a large mat. (below are some photos of the chickens in progress of being painted)

My mom was nice enough to go to Waco with my best friend, to deliver the items. They delivered them to the new Magnolia Market store at the Silos.  Awhile later I rec'd a thank you note from Joanna Gaines. Which was nice. Maybe one day she or her buyer will contact me to provide a painting or two for the store, meanwhile, I hope she enjoys the paintings and gets a chance to wear the jacket. Her store employees said the jacket was just her size, so that was good to know. (I had to guess !)

If you are in Texas or visiting, please check out:   https://shop.magnoliamarket.com/

If you are in Texas and would like a painting, jacket, or hand painted pair of boots, drop me an email or give me a call!!

3 Chickens in progress